Type: Fall 2020 Anime

Plot Summary: A deep love bubbles beneath the surface, and a gentle touch is all Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou need to release it. Sajou, studious and reserved, is yet to be accustomed to such strong feelings for Kusakabe, making him overthink and insecure. In contrast, Kusakabe, straightforward and bold, does not restrain himself from showing intimate affection. While Kusakabe reveals his dream to one day become a professional musician, Sajou is tirelessly preparing for college. Their differing goals bring an unspoken, heavy cloud over their relationship: as the boys approach their graduation, it is unclear what awaits their romance. Nevertheless, their love warms them in the coldest winter and brings hope that, eventually, they will find the answer to their uncertain future together.

Genre: Comedy

Released: 2008

Status: Ongoing

Other name: Classmates: Sotsu gyo sei , 卒業生