Dash! Yonkurou: Horizon Gundan vs. Dash Gundan

Type: Fall 2020 Anime

Plot Summary: A TV Special of Dash! Yonkurou that aired 4 months after the TV anime ended. Because the Dash Warriors won against Oomiya's senior citizen team the Silver Warriors, they travel to the Amazon in Brazil to try out his natural tracks that he built. When the arrive they find the natural track has been destroyed by a storm when they are suddenly attacked by the Amazon Warriors. One of the boys has Horizon, an original Mini 4WD created by Yonkurou's father who disappeared.

Genre: Cars , Kids , Shounen

Released: 1990

Status: Completed

Other name: Horizon Warriors vs. Dash Warriors , Dash! Yonkurou Special , ダッシュ!四駆郎 ホライゾン軍団VSダッシュ軍団

Dash! Yonkurou: Horizon Gundan vs. Dash Gundan