Beast Wars Second Chou Seimeitai Transformers

Type: Fall 2020 Anime

Plot Summary: Beast Wars Second features a new cast of characters set many years in the future, who travel to a post apocalyptic Earth now known as the planet Gaia. The Cybertrons, led by Lio Convoy, are sent to the planet to investigate an unusual change in the planet’s behavior and thus thwart the Destrons, led by Galvatron, who seek to consume the planet’s rich source of energy called Angolmois.

Genre: Action , Mecha , Sci-Fi

Released: 1998

Status: Completed

Other name: Beast Wars II Chou Seimeitai Transformers , Super Robot Life Form Transformers: Beast Wars Second , ビーストウォーズⅡ(セカンド) 超生命体トランスフォーマー

Beast Wars Second Chou Seimeitai Transformers