Ace wo Nerae!

Type: Fall 2020 Anime

Plot Summary: On her first day at Nishi High School, 15-year-old Hiromi Oka is inspired by top player Reika "Ochoufujin" Ryuuzaki to take up tennis. Shortly after joining the school's tennis club, she encounters Jin Munakata, the club's new coach. Munakata puts everyone under rigorous training that even puts Ochoufujin to shame. Despite the hardships, Hiromi's determination prompts the coach to select her as part of the club's main players. Because of this, Hiromi must endure the peer pressure from her seniors to become an ace tennis player.

Genre: Drama , Romance , School , Shoujo , Sports

Released: 1973

Status: Completed

Other name: Ace o Nerae , Aim for the Ace! , エースをねらえ!

Ace wo Nerae!